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Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse

Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse

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  • Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa SousseBoulevard du 14 Janvier, P.O. Box 114, Sousse, Tunisia

    Lundi : 0h - 00h

    Mardi : 0h - 00h

    Mercredi : 0h - 00h

    Jeudi : 0h - 00h

    Vendredi : 0h - 00h

    Samedi : 0h - 00h

    Dimanche : 0h - 00h

Nestled in the heart of Sousse, one of Tunisia's most vibrant cities, this charming retreat opened its doors in April 2010, inviting you to discover a world of relaxation and adventure.